Power Source & Associates, Biopack’s parent company, has more than 10 years experience in the food container industry and produces a series of packaging products in partnership with various customers in Taiwan. Conventional packaging was Power Source’s main business for many years. Now our team has decided to focus on developing solutions/products that are more friendly to the environment.  The division to handle this new focus is Biopack. 

The solution is to replace the conventional EPS and other traditional plastics with biodegradable thermoplastic materials.

Using the strengths and technological know-how of Power Source and its stakeholders, we strive to achieve our mission:

" Contribute to the sustainability of the planet, providing environmental friendly solutions  in 

  biodegradable disposable products."


Latest tradeshow participations:

- BioJapan 2000;


- Biopack's Convention 2001;


- TaipeiPack 2001;


- New York Fancy Food Show 2001;