The continuous growth of urbanization drives the modern society to produce a huge amount of waste daily.  Taiwan, for example, produces a daily average of 20,349 metric tons of garbage. The convenience of disposable products makes us contribute greatly to the waste mentioned above, sometimes without thinking about the consequences. 

                     Working for many years supplying paper coated with plastic (polyethylene) to different industries, food chains, and restaurants, Power Source & Associates (PS&A) decided to seek a way that its business could contribute to the sustainability of both the company and world simultaneously.

The question asked was: How can the convenience of disposable products be maintained while simultaneously minimizing the damage to the environment?

Efforts began with the creation of a division called Biopack. The focus of the division is creating solutions for more environmentally friendly disposable products.  PS&A aligns its focus with the creator of an eco-friendly biopolymer called Mater-bi, and uses it as the basis for most of the Biopack product applications. This material is a thermoplastic resin made from renewable feedstock. 

Biopack's products can be disposed of with other solid wastes, simply depending on the circumstances and waste management systems appropriate for each society. Careful selection and balance of recycling, landfills, incineration, composting mills or organic decomposer machines may be chosen as a management system.

Different waste management systems will have different impacts on it remains. Biopack's products have the following characteristics: biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Biopack works to "Contribute to the sustainability of the planet by providing environmentally friendly solutions in biodegradable disposable products". We believe that our generation has the mandate to maintain life for future generations. Join us in this journey. We welcome you to our website and to find out more about our company.

                                                            Biopack's team principles include:

                  -    Integrity and hard work;

                  -    Commitment to the world's environment, as both a  
                 company and individuals;

                  -    Excellent customer service, brings corporate gains.